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  1. I work semi outside and I thought it was fantastic. I even had to put my jacket on this afternoon. Awesome indeed
  2. Looking forward to today's fall preview. Cloudy, cool with a chance of rain in the afternoon. That sounds delightful.
  3. The line out in northern VA has lit up with warnings. I like the trend on radar. It would be cool to get a nice night time storm. Sounds like a jungle out there this evening.
  4. Radar looks pretty lame except for right over my house. Today was my lucky day. Classic summer thunderstorm with gusty winds, ground shaking thunder and sheets of rain. Still raining along with nearby lightning. Once it's done I'll go check the rain bucket and see what I got.
  5. Oh joy. Flooded areas get more flooding and those of us that are cleaning up fall foliage early this year due to drought get no relief. Got it
  6. When I went into the dispensary the sky was clear to my NNW. When I came out 15 minutes later i see a big ole tower sitting there. Beautiful structure to these storms. That storm over NW DC is dropping real deal hail.
  7. Looks like some decent action building out in the mountains. Hopefully a good sign for later.
  8. Weird radar signature over the northern cheasapeak bay the past few sweeps. Looks like a bomb went off and sent out a outflow boundary in all directions.
  9. I was just looking at from 7 miles west of Annapolis. Pretty amazing how far away it's visible.
  10. My point and click has only a 20% chance of storms today so I'm expecting another active day. When it has 70% chance of storms I never get a drop. I scored a nice summer lightning storm late last evening where I picked up around a half inch in 15 minutes.
  11. Nice little pop up right over my house as the overall line kinda shrank. I received almost a half inch in about 15 minutes. Lots of lightning made it a really fun little storm and the rain was definitely welcome.
  12. Ugh. I remember that. I was running around in a panic while it looked like the sun wanted to break out. I got another 7" once the band moved back in during the afternoon. It got nice and dark as the snow really came in heavy. Super nasty this morning. I hope to get an afternoon thunderstorm but I'm not counting on it.
  13. I was in Federalsburg area today and it was looking really bad in that area. It's really dry in spots all around the eastern shore.
  14. Like before what? I remember 1, maybe 2 in my 40 years living in the area. Severe around here is usually always localized.
  15. Classic mid/late summer. The woods are alive with critters. It sounds like a jungle. The flashes in the sky from storms to my west makes me want to take a Jebwalk. Hopefully it's a stormy night.
  16. Radar is pretty exciting. Not only no severe, but bone dry.
  17. Now I'm just hoping we at least get some showers to knock the dust down.
  18. Bump Enhanced risk for tomorrow and it's crickets in here.
  19. Yeah, exactly. Building heat? Doesn't it need to cool down in order to build heat? The heat built in June and hasn't changed since. It's not "building heat" it's continuing heat.
  20. That's an interesting point. I've been racking my brain trying to figure the trees out. This leaf drop is as bad as I've ever seen it. Maybe it does have something to do with going from relatively cool with plenty of rain to hell heat and 0 rain has them extra stressed. It looks like it hadn't rain in months. It's made for really sweet cherry tomatoes.
  21. Been a while since I've seen it this bad in my area. It's just a small localized area around where I live. All around me there has been plenty of rain. Trees are dieing in my yard.
  22. Same here. Looks like it hasn't rain in 3 months here. The leaves will be gone by October at this rate. I can't remember last time the trees dropped so many leaves during middle of summer. Heat and dryness are stressing them.
  23. I'm thinking I need a need point and click app. Weather bug has thunderstorm likely with heavy rain forecasted every time there's a chance of an afternoon shower.
  24. Sounds like a good day for a flash flood watch lol