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  1. February 2018 Discussion

    Keweenaw-Northern Houghton- Including the cities of Copper Harbor, Houghton, and Hancock 328 PM EST Sat Feb 24 2018 ...WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO 10 AM EST SUNDAY... * WHAT...Heavy snow expected. Total wet snow accumulations of 5 to 7 inches are expected. * WHERE...Keweenaw and Northern Houghton Counties. * WHEN...From midnight tonight to 10 AM EST Sunday. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...The wet snow will result in difficult travel late tonight and Sunday morning. Be prepared for reduced visibilities at times. AND and wind advisory: Including the cities of Copper Harbor, Houghton, and Hancock 331 PM EST Sat Feb 24 2018 ...WIND ADVISORY NOW IN EFFECT FROM 7 AM TO 7 PM EST SUNDAY... Hazardous Weather: * Winds will shift to the west and increase with gusts of 45 to 55 mph Sunday morning through early Sunday evening.
  2. February 2018 Discussion

    This is still a relatively sucky winter - but it is better than last. My reasoning: last winter had some awesome snow - but the melt was incredible and the cold never stuck. This winter there has been much less in the way of melting - but this is countered by the obscene cold. I'm fine with the cold. I love the cold. But I don't love that the cold freezes the lake and cuts off the snow nearly instantly. It happened much too early this season...so yeah.
  3. This is why the Tug Hill SUCKS and I win.

    The Tug Hill sucks and I, and you, win.
  4. This is why the Tug Hill SUCKS and I win.

    Took this during the storm this morning:
  5. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Also at Finlandia University:
  6. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Took this pic in Hancock this morning at Finlandia -
  7. February 2018 Discussion

    lol. Up here it's funny. It's like every single morning from November to February you go outside and you have to clear at least an inch of snow off your car...lots of times much more. Then...when you go out 3-4 days in a row and theres no snow on your car...you think 'this is a light winter.'
  8. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Another interesting trend I've noted... The high temperatures in the higher elevations are almost always 5-7 degrees lower than they are at the lake level, ie Houghton, etc. When I leave Houghton...if the temperature is 15 degrees, invariably it will be somewhere between 10 and 7 degrees in Calumet...it's pretty surprising how much 700 feet in elevation has on the climate of an area. Winter highs in Houghton are 21 on avg...presumably they're around 16 in Calumet and Toivola/Twin Lakes...that's pretty cold for Michigan. Not that this is particularly interesting data...but just something I'm interested in. lol.
  9. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    It's always surprising when I drive off the Keweenaw peninsula. I don't typically have much reason to...it's 50 miles and everything I need is here on the peninsula... Anyways, as soon as you get 30 miles south of the Superior lake shore - there's always next to zero snow. Very unique. Even towns on the peninsula like Baraga/L'anse have shockingly little snow. Drive north just a few miles and Chassell has exponentionally more snow. Drive just a bit further and Houghton/Hancock has exponentially more snow still. Drive up Quincy Hill (~700 foot gain in elevation) and you'll have still more all the way to Calumet. Also, south of Houghton...once you get past South Range...around Atlantic Mine and Painesdale...theres a sharp uptick in snow based on elevation. The 3 bullseyes tend to be Toivola/Twin Lakes (10-15 miles south of Houghton), Calumet, and the higher elevations of Keweenaw County near Phoenix/Delaware Mine. It's all about proximity to the lake and elevation...and when the two collide, that's even better.
  10. February 2018 Discussion

    Not sure; I've only been here 2 winters. People say this is a slightly lacklustre winter...primarily because the lakes froze and cut off the snow so early on. Still a good season - I've passed the 250 inch mark for the season thus far.
  11. February 2018 Discussion

    Nice! Yep, definitely planning to take pics on Sunday. Driving up the road to Copper Harbor and back via Eagle Harbor, etc.
  12. February 2018 Discussion

    I'm optimistic that we will top the 50 inch mark in Calumet on Sunday. Somewhere between 45-50 inches on the ground now -- and another 6-10 inches looks possible tomorrow night into Sunday.
  13. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Somewhere between 45-50 inches on the ground now. Got about 10 inches this morning. Another 6-10 tomorrow night...possibly. Should break the 50 inch snow depth mark on Sunday.
  14. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    I have right around or just over 40 inches of snow on the ground. I'm happy with it...enjoying the cold.