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  1. Lol. It is still snowing up here in Laurium.
  2. Took this at the start of the storm yday morning. Ended up with around 8ish inches - and it's still snowing lightly right now.
  3. It's a joke. We're all happy he's doing good...but we'd be remiss to not shame him a little. That was a surprisingly short-sighted stunt to pull. I don't even explore the Hurons/Porcupines in the summer without trepidation, let alone in a 970mb blizzard with 60+ winds, 60+ inches of snow cover and diabetes.
  4. Jonger is lucky they didn't name names. Not like they would need to in an area like the UP. Even people downstate will know what happened..I'd be mortified.
  5. Wow. Jonger...I'm guessing you feel embarassed enough for people not to hound you, lol. But then again...you'd be forgiven for not taking the storm as serious as they said given that they say every storm up here is ove the top lately and ends up being just a nice dump of fluff.
  6. In the winter I don't even turn my car off when I go to the grocery store, lol. I just leave it running and I know I'm not the only one.
  7. I'm struck by this. It's off topic...but... I don't even have a security camera, let alone lock my house doors...let alone lock my car. lol. You guys ask how Bo and I live up here. We get a lot of snow. You have to lock your doors or shit is stolen. I'm more suited to handle the former than the latter.
  8. If your fix is pure winter and no risk of thaws - the best odds are Wabush/Labrador City, in terms of a place that balances decent cold with exceptional snow. But if you're a little more flexible, the snow belts of the UP work, Coles Pond in VT works (or other areas of similar latitude), Pittsburg, NH works, maybe Rangeley, Maine...but especially Jackman northeast to Houlton. But, frankly, I'd choose anywhere in the Hurons or the Keweenaw above 1000 feet elevation. I considered, and had the chance, to move to the Tug Hill...but there were so many times Fort Kent, with its 130" a year snow average, had so much mhaore snow on the ground than Redfield and the Tug had. That's depressing. The western UP is the perfect balance of cold and snow.
  9. You are dead wrong, lol. I spent many years in Fort Kent, Maine...so far interior New England that they speak French and don't consider themselves as New Englanders - we have less thaws here than there. The high temperatures are roughly the same. In Fort Kent and St Agatha, Maine I averaged highs of 19 and lows of -4 to -6 in January...while, here, I average highs in the January of 16 and lows of 7. I saw insane thaws in northern Maine. I have seen insane thaws here. But the snowiest you'll get in New England at a liveable elevation is 150-170" per year. Over here, however, Bo and I would appear to average 250"+ a year - and it's a more steady average.
  10. I'm wondering what it's based on. If they can't detect precip - how do they make these maps? I realize there is a way, I'm just trying to figure out what it is. My background is biology and literature, so I have no idea what sort of physics are used for this type of thing and how it differs from radar.
  11. I would kill people to figure out how these maps are made. They're never accurate for my area...but they're more accurate than you would expect from the non-existent radar returns we get whenever weatherbo stands up on a ladder.