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  1. More pics from Laurium/Calumet on the Keweenaw peninsula of the UP of Michigan. lol. Also, at ~1220 feet elevation, which is more noteworthy than you'd expect. There's a big difference between Laurium @ 1220' feet and Houghton @ ~600' elevation.
  2. Where did you live in southern Michigan?
  3. It's amazing how large of a role elevation has in these area. The low (~600' above sea level) areas in the snow belts still get nailed - but if you're also above 1,000-1,200 feet in elevation the difference is shocking. Since I've been here I've regularly seen snowfall totals of 8-10 inches in the low areas turn into 20+ inches just 400' higher. I assume the same can be said where you are in the Hurons. I was exploring between Ishpeming and L'anse and areas like Covington, Michigamme and north, get slammed when the lower elevations pick up just a relatively minor accumulation. I know it's obvious that elevation will play into totals, but it seems particularly striking here. Nothing like this happens in Maine...say between Farmington and Rangeley. Only other places I know of are the mountains of Vermont and the Tug Hill. It's a lot of fun.
  4. Found a good image from the webcam here in Calumet/Laurium during the height of the storm yesterday. Picked up ~30 inches total, I think.
  5. Still snowing steadily. Picked up roughly between 28-30 inches of snowfall throughout the storm.
  6. Knee deep snow now. That's on my driveway which was plowed yday. Prolly nearing on 20 inches up here. Warning goes thru 1pm tomorrow; calling for 6-9 more inches, locally more on the spine of the Keweenaw (which is where I live.)
  7. Probably up to around 15+ inches here.
  8. In between snow bands now - even saw the sun! Not as much as Bo from the LES the past day or so, though we have picked up roughly 4-5 inches.
  9. Weatherbo and I look to get a decently snowy week. This is thru Tuesday evening.
  10. Snowing a bit today. Lots to come over the longterm.
  11. I don't tend to take pictures of the forest/nature. Maybe I will when I'm done with school and get a snowmobile. Till then I mostly just take pictures as an afterthought. I also prefer snow pictures that show the towns rather than the picturesque nonsense of nature, lol.
  12. Picked up another 19-20 inches in the last storm.
  13. Hasn't snowed in a couple days and it looks to stay that way. Sucks. Still, we have got some decent snow up here this winter:
  14. Lol. It is still snowing up here in Laurium.