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  1. (((Will)))

    December 2018 General Discussion

    Life is horrible. lol.
  2. (((Will)))

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    I don't; I said that I didn't know why you'd single that place out and not the Hurons and the Keweenaw. That's all.
  3. (((Will)))

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Lol. Says the person from southern Michigan. By any other standard even the Keweenaw is flat. But about Grand Marais - it really is flat. Just 10 miles south of there is what people call the 'Seney Stretch' - known as the most boring road in Michigan. The whole area is a flat, bug infested, malaria/dysentery ridden swamp. The forests there consist of trees and 10 inches of standing water for mosquito larvae. There's a reason 35% of the people who live there die from suicide - they get bored of driving around. Ah, I figured it was something like Jonger and just wanting to be within reach of everything. I desperately want to explore the area Jonger always talks about up in Ontario near Wawa.
  4. (((Will)))

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    That seems so weird. To me that area is just a flat area you drive past as fast as possible. To me it just has no real stand out appeal. Honestly, if you like the UP...try out the western part. We got hills that pretend to be mountains (but at least there's something on the horizon), we have a rockier coast line, more snow, deeper cold, a better economy (I know a couple of people from Seney, Newberry and north in that area - it's just a depressing place, all the kids are leaving, you have to drive all the way to Marquette or Sault Ste Marie if you want to shop, there's a lot of drugs, etc.)...on and on. Every positive it has is upstaged just slightly in the west...and the west is dirt cheap as well because they built all these houses in the mining boom and now that the population is more than cut in half from its peak...real estate is available. The Porcupines and Hurons are awesome, they remind me a lot of the Allagash in Maine, Houghton/Hancock is a very nice attempt at pretending to be a city (at least it's active at all times and you don't have 40% of the buildings collapsing, lol), and the Keweenaw itself is awesome...I'm from Maine and in many ways the Keweenaw reminds me of Acadia National Park without the billionaire mansions blocking the views of the water. In the middle of summer you can very easily find an empty little beach for yourself. Grand Marais, while definitely pretty, just does not stick out to me as anything special within the larger context of the entire UP. I'm curious why you two love it so much.
  5. (((Will)))

    2018-2019 LES Season

    Got about 8-10 inches last night. Not sure how much is on the ground total. Sposed to pick up another 4-9 inches tomorrow, highest around here in Calumet because of the elevation. Keweenaw-Northern Houghton- Including the cities of Copper Harbor, Houghton, and Hancock 326 PM EST Thu Dec 6 2018 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 4 AM FRIDAY TO 4 AM EST SATURDAY... * WHAT...Lake Effect Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 4 to 7 inches expected, with isolated totals of up to 9 inches possible in a narrow band from Freda to Calumet. * WHERE...Keweenaw and Northern Houghton Counties. * WHEN...From 4 AM Friday to 4 AM EST Saturday.
  6. (((Will)))

    December 2018 General Discussion

    I love it up here, actually. Completely content.
  7. (((Will)))

    Annual Cheers Gathering

    I suggest we have a meet up in Spring/Summer and, further, that we merge the damn forums.
  8. It's obvious that the fragmentation of the board has shattered the community. Reunite the boards. This place used to be more than a source of live streaming anecdotes from people who got a dusting of snow - it was a group of friends who appreciated weather from across the country and enjoyed each other. Yes, I realize how easy it is to switch back and forth between forums but no matter how easy it is on paper, the psychological effect is obvious and the once thriving and colorful weather weenie community has been fragmented and nearly destroyed. What the hell happened? How did this place go from being an open forum to discuss weather and have fun to a shit hole run into the ground by admins who are somehow personally affronted by off topic threads, admins who can't manage the mental gymnastics it takes to read about a storm unless it's all in a single, designated thread. This is not how you run a forum for people enthusiastic about a passion they rarely get to share with other people in real life. Merge all the subforums.
  9. (((Will)))

    Annual Cheers Gathering

    It's too bad someone made the autistic decision to fragment the board into geographic zones such that everyone is dispersed. If I had seen this earlier I could have gone and would love to have gone. But no. Some busy body with zero sense screwed the board up and destroyed the community. Good job whoever you are. You're autistic and you made a mistake. Reunite the boards.
  10. (((Will)))

    December 2018 General Discussion

    I just found out the coolest thing. I was looking through a year of raw KCMX metar data. I can now quantify how awesome this place is compared to Maine and San Diego. In the past 67 days.......................it has been sunny 8 times. That is roughly 11% of the time. Since the middle of October, it has been sunny only 4 times. That is roughly 8.8% of the time. Since October 25, it has been sunny 2 times, or 5.5% of the time. The last time it was sunny was 15 days ago. It is not forecasted to be sunny in the next 8+ days. There's a saying I've heard a few times when people are bragging about how bad the weather is to scare new people off - 'it doesn't just snow 300 inches; you also do not see the sun between October and February.' That is awesome. Lake effect weather is the best. San Diego can keep deluding itself into thinking it has something to offer. No, San Diego is the Hallmark Channel pretending to be a community. The content may be 'nice' - but it's still shit and the people are uniformly shallow, 2 dimensional bit characters existing some 80 odd years of worthless banality. San Diego is a child's drawing of a figurine cast in dog shit - peopled by stinking shadows; a smear of banality claiming humanity. Los Angeles sashays drunkenly then frets dumbly back and forth across the San Andreas and is finally heard from no more. It wants to be a a yarn with some sort of dynamism. It isn't. It's a tragicomedy, this one a 50 year old whore of a house wife, indignant and impetuous; This one a rich girl who cuts her arms and thinks it's dynamic; this one from Silver Lake whose one line, 'Did I tell you I'm a vegan', represents the culmination of a subplot of personal discovery, the evolution of one man who towered over his privilege and *showed everyone* by appreciating buddhism, rap music, played native american whoops and hollers on Thanksgiving because HE KNOWS, he vapes, gets stoned, and, at the arc of his story tells the audience that there are, like, spinning dervishes from Iran who, he read, said that EVERYTHING is EVERYTHING and if you do mind expanding drugs you become a vegan because you just REALIZE.' The scene fades out as he reads his horoscope. Life picks and tugs randomly through sequential variation at these unremarkable dangling subplots until the facade reverts back to inevitable natural selection and the cold, impersonal universe expands as San Diego flatters itself in a mirror signifying nothing. Out, out, San Diego. The rest of us can't wait for you to fall into the sea. It doesn't even snow there.
  11. (((Will)))

    Just heard what you guys did in Anchorage.

    What the hell are you
  12. (((Will)))

    Just heard what you guys did in Anchorage.

    My dog.
  13. (((Will)))

    Just heard what you guys did in Anchorage.

    Around a foot or a little more. Somewhere around 50 inches for the season thus far. Had a big melt last week; was over 20 inches on ground. But you don't see me screwing up Anchorage and Sarah Palin's house.
  14. (((Will)))

    Nov. 25th-26th Midwest Snowstorm Potential

    Nah, you need to move north. At least to Traverse City, etc, if you're too much of a city girl for more remote areas further north.