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  1. I'm so glad to get one more final storm. This should put us over 300" inches of snow for the 19/20 winter season.Yay. I'll be taking pictures all day tomorrow.
  2. The difference between there and here (I live in Laurium) is shocking. We still have a good 20-30 inches of snowcover all over.
  3. Hopefully I can find some place open on Easter.
  4. Last year I drove back from a final during the beginning of May...it was snowing hard and we ended up with 8 inches on the ground in Laurium. I think that was like May 8.
  5. I'm sure it'll be a lot more. Every storm for the past years that has a bulleye over the Hurons absolutely slams the spine of the Keweenaw. Im guessing this'll be no different.
  6. This is exciting. Been so long since we had a decent storm. I'm guessing just over 20" inches here at my elevation. Tho, I'll be happy with anything more than 6 inches. Only 30-34 inches of snowcover left.
  7. I am, of course, excited. We always tend to eek out quite a bit more than forecasted where I lived due to elevation and what not. This'll be nice. The snow is starting to look dirty.
  8. It's part of Shopko; they closed all the stores up here recently.
  9. Funny picture I took today of the Payless Shoe sign near me collapsing under the weight of the snow:
  10. Some pictures I just took a minute ago:
  11. Took this last night. Been getting off and on LES since yesterday, probably upwards of 8-10 inches total. Once again no one mentions it at the NWS and the forecasted total never goes above 1 inch for a given forecast period.
  12. Got about 5-6 inches in the past day. 2 or so was from the storm, the rest from the lake. Took this this morning:
  13. It went ahead and snowed 5 inches overnight. Wasn't forecasted. That puts us up to ~225 inches for the season so far; snow cover is ~55 inches deep.
  14. More pics from Laurium/Calumet on the Keweenaw peninsula of the UP of Michigan. lol. Also, at ~1220 feet elevation, which is more noteworthy than you'd expect. There's a big difference between Laurium @ 1220' feet and Houghton @ ~600' elevation.
  15. Where did you live in southern Michigan?