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  1. Pouring snow here in Calumet. Wasn't expecting that this evening. Difficult drive home.
  2. This December really sucks if you're in western ND...40s and 50s every day.
  3. I'm not in Ohio
  4. @weatherbo seems to have disappeared o.o
  5. It's snowy.
  6. Ah, ok, lol. Got the impression the only reason people were watching was to see snow.
  7. You can look out your window.
  8. -ziiz
  9. That's what she said.
  10. I've had well over 30 inches in just the past 4 days - and a lot more looks to fall in the next week.
  11. Downtown Calumet this morning:
  12. Picked up about 10 inches overnight (it's only 3am tho...I'm up early, lol) Still snowing. Feels like midwinter out there...back to the point where the dog has to pee/poop in shoveled areas. In the grass the snow is over his head.
  13. What are some good radars from good storms in your area?
  14. Are you close to Finlandia? Just curious bc it would be nice to see info about that area. I have classes most days and dunno how the roads are down there.