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  1. Yeah, it's really exciting. Still jealous of the long duration events you guys get down there. We tend to get consistent relatively heavy snow fairly often for a long duration...but rarely the sort of 4-6inch/hour rates you guys get off Erie and Ontario for days on end. Those are just another thing altogether and absurdly epic. I'll be taking pics all this week up here.
  2. No clue how much snow we have. Had around a foot when I went to bed last night at 9...looks like there was at least an additional 10 inches by 4am which is around when these pics were taken. I had shoveled the entire driveway and moved the cars...so that's all just since 9pm last night. It's currently switched to lake effect snow. Coming down heavily.
  3. I am so excited for the next week or so.
  4. Yeah. It's pretty horrible. Where I live we have maybe 15-20 inches of snow...but you go downhill in any direction and that quickly drops to under 10 inches. Hopefully this coming week gets things turning around
  5. What sort of elevation is your area?
  6. Gaylord and the Algoma area of Ontario have the most underrated LES snow belts.
  7. Been snowing for ~45 hours. Too wind blown to really measure...best guess up here is 15-20 inches.
  8. Lol. The storms you get off Lake Superior are every bit as intense as the ones I remember getting while I lived in both northern and southern Maine. Obviously, I'm not in Chicago...but I've been through enough synoptic events up here to know that there isn't some sort of profound distinction between a noreaster bombing out along the coast and the gales we get up here. In my life, the biggest and most intense storm I've ever been in was a blizzard up here in 2019. In excess of a day long, over thirty inches of snow and winds that blew 60-70+ mph almost the entire duration. I had to climb out of a second floor window ever few hours to dig out the exhaust piper from the heater because it kept getting buried. I forget what temperature it was, but I'm fairly sure it was below 10. It was intense in every sense that a noreaster is intense.
  9. The NWS rly screwed this one up. They still haven't called for more than 'scarttered snow showers' with no accumulations. No advisories. Nothing. We've had in excess of a foot of snow - and it's still snowing hard here in Calumet. Either way...I love it.
  10. Major busted forecast here in the Keweenaw. Had, at most, some snow showers forecasted overnight. Instead...it started snowing last evening, snowed off and on all night followed by a burst of snow this morning. It's still snowing even now. We've got somewhere in excess of a foot of snow. I went for a short hike this morning around 8am. Here're some pics from that hike...it's snowed quite a bit more since then:
  11. Got an additional 2-3 inches yesterday before precip slowed down, mixed with rain and ended around 6-7pm. Elevation difference is particularly striking. I'm at 1,200+ feet in the Calumet/Laurium area. Driving down to Houghton, at around 600' feet...and there was almost no snow whatsoever.
  12. Snowed here off and on since last night. All told we got around 4-5 inches...tho it's melted back down to around 2-3 on the ground. Took some of these while hiking before the second burst of snow came in. In the pic showing the clouds, you can see the lake effect snow moving in as I finished hiking. That dropped another 2 inches followed by an inch or so over the rest of the day today.
  13. It's worth noting that in the first 25 weeks of the Spanish Flu in excess of 25 million people died. Covid isn't even remotely close to that sort of disaster.
  14. The death rate in Covid relates, in general, to symptomatic cases. There's a massive number of asymptomatic cases that are only slightly beng factored in to the assessment of CFR. Most likely, Covid has a CFR between 0.3% and 0.6%. Almost all of our data only pertains to people who are diagnosed after exhibiting symptoms strong enough to warrant a check.
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