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Welcome to the American WX Model Center

Model Status Table

ModelCurr RunCompleted Thru
GFS06z384 of 384
GGEM00z240 of 240
NAEFS00z384 of 384
NAM06z84 of 84
UKMET00z120 of 120
Hi-Res NAM06z60 of 60
GFDL00z126 of 126
HWRF12z126 of 126
ECMWF00z240 of 240
NAVGEM06z180 of 180
RAP12z5 of 18
RGEM06z54 of 54
SREF09z60 of 87
GEFS06z384 of 384
ECMWF Ens00z240 of 240
GGEM Ens00z384 of 384
HRRR12z20 of 36
GEFS (Reforecast)00z384 of 384
NSSL-WRF12z36 of 36
JMA00z72 of 120
CFS00z840 of 840
GEFS Bias-Corrected06z384 of 384
5KM ARW00z48 of 48
5km NMM00z48 of 48
13km GFS06z384 of 384
rtma12z0 of 000
NDFD13z48 of 048
hmon12z126 of 126
GFS Parallel06z300 of 384

Free Research & Data Sets

Daily SST Anomalies

American Weather has created a clean and simple approach to model data with our model center, ready to provide model data with a user-friendly approach. Our system is built to provide quick and simple movement between models, parameters, and hour increments. Our first goal is to give the user a one-stop shop for access to all frequently used model suites.

Model Center News

Click here to view a spreadsheet listing all available model data we provide. We will keep updating this as we continue to add more data in the near future.


Our premium products are available in two levels. As we take in orders, we will be adding more products to our line. We will announce any new additions via email. Some of our more popular products include:
  - Vertical Cross Sections
  - Model Forecast Soundings
  - Teleconnection Forecasts
  - 3-Hr Increments for the GFS/NAM
  - International Views/Graphics

Free Products

RAP Model, Analysis Products, MJO Composite Plots

Model Center Package: $9.95/month ($99.95 annual)

Includes everything you see!