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2015 is over and subscriptions are coming up for renewal. We encourage everyone to take advantage of purchasing a subscription to have full ad-free access to our site, plus additional private message and uploading storage space. Check it all out at the Store! If you'd like to upgrade to another package, go to the Store >Client Area >Purchases tab, select your current subscription and click the Upgrade button on the right

We run this site with 2 dedicated, fully-managed servers so we greatly appreciate your subscriptions - they help keep this site running! We plan to introduce a major upgrade to the entire site in the next few weeks which will bring a cleaner look to the site and make it entirely responsive to whatever device you are viewing the site. We'll have a preview of it up soon!

Now when you purchase a Super($50) or Mega($75) upgrade subscription along with a Model Center subscription ($9.95 monthly or $99.95 annual), you will receive a 10% discount on the ENTIRE amount. If you purchase an Ultimate($100) + Model Center subscriptions you will receive 20% off! (Essentially a 60% off saving on an annual Model Center subscription).



Flat Wave/Overrunning For Ga/NC/SC MidWeek

Posted by FoothillsNC , 9 December 2012 · 2,392 views

Flat Wave/Overrunning For Ga/NC/SC MidWeek Much of Georgia and the Carolinas stand a good shot at some much needed rain mid week.  The first front, like many others this Fall, will basically fade out, as dynamics pull north, so the best lift and rain amounts again will be centered on the Tennessee Valley and Gulf States side.But immediately this front will stall out, and create some southwest flow...

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